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Three guns.

"I'm Agent May and I'm hella hot." Jemma's ranting at Skye during an impromptu meeting of the Melinda May fan club and Skye's giggling at her. "I'm so hot and deadly and one time I beat Romanoff sparring but I didn't tell anyone because I'm so silent and hot." And then Skye is dying of laughter, like no-longer-breathing-just-sort-of-gasping, because Jemma if you didn't want Agent May to know you had a crush maybe you shouldn't be doing this IN THE LOUNGE WHERE SHE MIGHT WALK BY. LIKE JUST NOW.




Melinda heads straight back to the cockpit, where she does an impersonation of Jemma (that Jemma overhears because she was heading to the cockpit to apologize).

"I’m Agent Jemma Simmons and I have three PhDs and I talk like this."  Melinda fucking nails Jemma’s accent, and Jemma bursts into laughter and has to sit next to Melinda in silence for another hour.

They sit in silence and then abruptly May stands to leave the cockpit but stops at the door. “I’m Agent Jemma Simmons and I have three PhDs and I’m the top of my field and I could absolutely give Bruce Banner a run for his money and I make people smile and bring out the good in them and that’s just so incredibly important and my contributions to this team are never given their due but they ought to be.” 

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Jemma goes to the lab almost screaming because Fitz I think May likes me what do you mean she likes you Fitz she said my contributions are important well they are important yes but this is Melinda May saying this and Fitz sighs and hopes this goes better than last time.

"Oh hush, May looks barely a day over… 30. You’re gorgeous!"

Jemma Simmons speaking the thoughts of every Melinda May fan (x)


put on your war paint

In Which Diversity Isn’t a Myth


Ok. I’m tired of the typical vampire, werewolf and fairy.I’m also tired of the occidental-centrism in mythology. Hence, this list. 

I tried to included as many cultural variants as I could find and think of. (Unfortunately, I was restricted by language. Some Russian creatures looked very interesting but I don’t speak Russian…) Please, add creatures from your culture when reblogguing (if not already present). It took me a while to gather all those sites but I know it could be more expansive. I intend on periodically editing this list. 

Of note: I did not include specific legendary creatures (Merlin, Pegasus, ect), gods/goddesses/deities and heroes.

  • Dragons

The Chinese Dragon

The Japanese Dragon

The Korean Dragon

The Vietnamese Dragon

The Greek Dragon

The Indian Dragon

The Polish Dragon

The Austrian Dragon

The British Dragon

The Ancient Dragon (Egypt, Babylon and Sumer)

The Spanish Basque Dragon

Of the Cockatrice (creature with the body of a dragon)

Alphabetical List of Dragons Across Myths (Great way to start)

  • Little creatures (without wings)

The Legend of the LeprechaunsThe Leprechaun

Chanaque /Alux (the equivalent of leprechauns in Aztec/Mayan folklore)


Elves in Mythology and Fantasy

Elves in Germanic Mythology

Kabeiroi or Cabeiri (Dwarf-like minor gods in Greek mythology)

Norse Dwarves

The Myth of Loki and the Dwarves

Ten Types of Goblins


Tengu: Japanese Goblins


More on Gnomes

Pooka: an Irish phantom

  • Creatures with wings (except dragons)


All sorts of Cultural Fairies

Fairies in Old French Mythology 

A Fairy List

Bendith Y Mamau (Welsh fairies)

Welsh Fairies

Peri (Persian fairies)

Yü Nü (Chinese fairies)

The Celtic Pixie

Angels in Judaism

Angels in Christianity

Hierarchy of Angels

Angels in Islam

Irish Sylph

Garuda (Bird-like creature in Hindu and Buddhist myths)

Bean Nighe (a Scottish fairy; the equivalent of a banshee in Celtic mythology)


  • Spirited Creatures


Jinn (Genies in Arabic folklore)

Types of Djinns

Aisha Qandisha and Djinn in Moroccan Folklore

Oni (demons in Japanese folklore)


Spirits in Asturian Mythology



Boggarts: The British Poltergeist

Phantom black dogs (the Grim)

Demons in Babylonian and Assyrian Mythology (list)

Demons in the Americas (list)

European Demons (list)

Middle-East and Asia Demons (list)

Judeo-Christian Demons (list)

Nephilim, more on Nephilim

Mahaha (a demon in Inuit mythology)

Flying Head (a demon in Iroquois mythology)

  • Ghosts

Toyol (a dead baby ghost in Malay folklore)

Malay Ghosts

Yuki-onna (a ghost in Japanese folklore)

The Pontianak (a ghost in Malay mythology)

Funayurei (a ghost in Japanese folklore)

Zagaz (ghosts in Moroccan folklore)

Japanese Ghosts

Mexican Ghosts

  • Horse-like mythical creatures

Chinese Unicorns


The Kelpie (Could have also fitted in the sea creatures category)

The Centaur

The Female Centaur

Hippocamps (sea horses in Greek mythology)

Horse-like creatures (a list)

Karkadann, more on the Karkadann (a persian unicorn)

Ceffyl Dwfr (fairy-like water horse creatures in Cymric mythology)

  • Undead creatures

The Melanesian Vampire 

The Ewe Myth : Vampires

The Germanic Alp

The Indonesian Vampire

Asanbosam and Sasabonsam (Vampires from West Africa)

The Aswang: The Filipino Vampire

Folklore Vampires Versus Literary Vampires

Callicantzaros: The Greek Vampire

Vampires in Malaysia

Loogaroo/Socouyant: The Haitian Vampire

Incubi and Sucubi Across Cultures

Varacolaci: The Romanian Vampire

Brahmaparusha: The Indian Vampire

Genesis of the Word “Vampire”

The Ghoul in Middle East Mythology

Slavic Vampires

Vampires A-Z

The Medical Truth Behind the Vampire Myths

Zombies in Haitian Culture

  • Shape-shifters and half-human creatures (except mermaids) 

Satyrs (half-man, half-goat)

Sirens in Greek Mythology (half-woman and half-bird creatures)

The Original Werewolf in Greek Mythology

Werewolves Across Cultures

Werewolf Syndrome: A Medical Explanation to the Myth

Nagas Across Cultures

The Kumiho (half fox and half woman creatures)

The Sphinx


Scorpion Men (warriors from Babylonian mythology)

Pooka: an Irish changelings

Domovoi (a shape-shifter in Russian folklore)

Aatxe (Basque mythology; red bull that can shift in a human)

Yech (Native American folklore)

Ijiraat (shapeshifters in Inuit mythology)

  • Sea creatures

Selkies (Norse mermaids)

Mermaids in many cultures

More about mermaids


The Kraken (a sea monster)

Nuckelavee (a Scottish elf who mainly lives in the sea)

Lamiak (sea nymphs in Basque mythology)

Bunyip (sea monster in Aboriginal mythology)

Apkallu/abgal (Sumerian mermen)

An assemblage of myths and legends on water and water creatures

Slavic Water Creatures

The Encantado (water spirits in Ancient Amazon River mythology)

Zin (water spirit in Nigerian folklore)

Qallupilluk (sea creatures in Inuit mythology)

  • Monsters That Don’t Fit in Any Other Category

Aigamuxa, more details on Aigamuxa




Myrmidons (ant warriors)

TrollMore on Trolls


Golems in Judaism

Giants: The Mystery and the Myth (50 min long documentary)

Inupasugjuk (giants in Inuit mythology)

Fomorians (an Irish divine race of giants)

The Minotaur

The ManticoreThe Manticore and The Leucrouta

The Ogre

The Orthus (two-headed serpent-tailed dog)

The Windigo

The Windigo Psychosis

Rakshasa (humanoids in Hindu and Buddhist mythology)

Yakshas (warriors in Hindu mythology)

Taqriaqsuit (“Shadow people” in Inuit mythology)

  • References on Folklore and Mythology Across the Globe

Creatures of Irish Folklore 

Folklore and Fairytales

An Overview of Persian Folklore

Filipino Folklore

Myths, Creatures and Folklore

Alaska Folklore

Spanish (Spain) Mythology

Mythical Archive

Mythology Dictionary

List of Medieval and Ancient Monsters

Native American Animals of Myth and Legends

Native American Myths

Bestiary of Ancient Greek Mythology

Mythology, Legend, Folklore and Ghosts

Angels and Demons

List of Sea Creatures

Yoruba Mythology

Ghosts Around the World, Ghosts From A to Z

Strange (Fantastic) Animals of Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Mythology

Creatures from West Africa

On the Legendary Creatures of Africa

Myths, Creatures and Folklore

  • References on writing a myth or mythical creatures

Writing a MYTHology in your novel?

How to Write a Myth

10 Steps to Creating Realistic Fantasy Creatures

Creating Fantasy Creatures or Alien Species

Legendary Creature Generator

Book Recommendations With Underrated Mythical Creatures

(I have stumbled upon web sites that believed some of these mythical creatures exist today… Especially dragons, in fact. I just had to share the love and scepticism.)


This is by far the easiest one I’ve ever seen.


This is by far the easiest one I’ve ever seen.


"Johanna, why do you smoke?"

"To die, Katniss."

HS AU: Katniss always thought degenerates were the only ones who smoked, and meeting Johanna only proved it to be more true lol. Unexpectedly, Katniss finds herself becoming more drawn to Johanna’s captivating character and broadens her perspective by being with her.


"This team does not need strong fighters, but people who are not weak in will.

This team does not stand on dreams alone, but a drive to get the goal. 

This team does not haste, but we wait for the kill. 

This team start foolish, but we become wise because we challenge.”

The 88th Trainee Squad was one of the best batches of trainees that had ever graduated. The class was led by Rico Brzenska, an exceptional soldier of many talents. However, her most defining trait is her ability to comprehend situations and root the safest and probably the best, most cost-effective solutions. Nanaba is a brave, young soul. Their determination and passion to serve humanity is their main drive in acing their classes. Hange Zoe may be an eccentric, often coming up with different ways and strategies to best their enemies, but this only betters their performance. Their curiosity lead to success and landed her as one of the best of their bunch. Anka Rheinberger impresses with her good timing, often thinking of the best ways to succeed and employing these strategies at the right time. Different, but these four are of the same color—dangerous. 

In which these four, smart cuties are actually classmates (and friends) and they kicked everyone else’s asses with their beautiful minds. STRATEGISTS FTW (◡‿◡✿)